Transaction Solutions is a company that specializes in small and large business payment processing for businesses such as restaurants, retailers, lodging/hospitality and supermarkets.

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Retail businesses of all kinds face a wide range of challenges every day, but with Transaction Solutions one very important part of their operation can be easy, flexible, affordable and above all dependable.

Teamed with the technical muscle of NOVA (one of the nations largest payment service providers) and our high quality customer care and service you the client benefit from a synergistic relationship that is both adaptable to individual client needs while technically capable of delivering on the largest scale with a fully redundant back-up network to ensure 100% up-time.

All Major Credit Cards

Transaction Solutions is your complete
one-stop solution for accepting credit cards!

CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-709-4793

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Credit card and debit card processing solutions with 24/7 superior service for any type of business.

Credit/Debit Card Equipment

Rent, buy, or lease card terminals or PIN pads.

Traditional Check Processing

Check verification and check guarantee services.

Retail Check “Conversion”

Convert paper checks to electronic checks.

Virtual Terminals

Use a personal computer to accept and process checks and credit cards. Set up recurring payments and manage receivables.

ATM Processing and Equipment

Privately owned ATM solutions and cashless “script” ATM programs.

Gift Cards

Custom gift card solutions for any type of business.

Electronic Check Recovery

Fastest, easiest, and most effective system for merchants to deal with bad checks.

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