Check Processing


Businesses today have five basic choices for traditional check processing. Those options are:

1. Do nothing— accept checks with the risk of bounced checks and fraud.
2. Accept checks and forward bounced checks for ECR (Electronic Check Recovery).
3. Accept checks with Check Verification with ECR.
4. Owner accepts checks with Guarantee Payment of check.
5. Owner accepts checks with Point-of-Sale to Electronic Conversion.

Check Verification

Verification helps merchants separate good check writers from bad check writers allowing them to adopt a liberal check acceptance policy that will benefit both the merchant and their customers. Through a National Database that reduces the likelihood of fraudulent transactions verification enables merchants to make informed, reliable decisions regarding each check their business sees.

Reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.
Enables a more liberal acceptance policy.
Enables customization of verification services to meet your needs.
National databases with real-time information.

Check Guarantee:

Check guarantee is just what it means: Guarantee of payment of check. The check guarantee service allows your business to accept all checks safely and with no risk. With the service, checks are approved at the point-of-sale in seconds following simple instructions. If an approved check is returned from the bank unpaid, it is submitted to the check guarantee company for processing and reimbursement allowing you to concentrate on sales.


We offer fast, easy to use check readers.

Checkmate 3000

Checkmate 3000

The Checkmate 3000 is a user-friendly “all in one” check reader with integrated modem.

Expressly Designed to put an end to check fraud, the Checkmate 3000 is a comprehensive, fast and simple-to-use check reader. This reader not only excels at a variety of application including check authorization, verification, guarantee, and electronic check processing— but it is proven to be the most cost-effective and versatile check reader on the market!

CR 600

CR 600

The CR 600 combines full programmability, remote downloading, self-diagnostic and universal connectivity in one unit.

This compact MICR check reader improves productivity and reduces check fraud at the point of sale. CR600’s fast and accurate check-reading capabilities make check transactions as easy as credit card purchases.

Works with all VeriFone Everest, Omni and Tranz terminals.
Integrates with most ECR/POS hardware and software.
Captures MICR data at high read rates.
Reads folded or crumpled checks.
Reduces check fraud and improves productivity.
Makes check-based payments as convenient as credit card sales.
Cuts back on technical support and down time through remote upgrades.
Runs diagnostic program that reduces need for hands-on servicing.

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