Check Recovery

Electronic Check Recovery

There are many types of check collection services. We offer Electronic Check Recovery—the fastest, easiest, most effective system for merchants, and the least painless, least embarrassing for the check writer. Our electronic collection process is much faster and more convenient than any other method available, and it will work on any bank in the U.S.

What Electronic Check Recovery Does:

1. Customer bounces check.
2. Your bank forwards it to processing company.
3. Check changed to an Electronic Transaction and submitted.
4. If funds are again unavailable, the processing center calls the customer’s bank.
5. When funds are released, 100% of the face value goes to merchant.

How Electronic Check Recovery Works:

Collected and released checks are paid twice monthly.
Checks are processed from any bank in the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System.
Out of town checks are handled as easily as local checks.
Works for any business that accepts checks as payment.
Online reporting available.

Electronic Check Recovery Benefits:

1. No fees (statement or monthly or annual).
2. No special equipment.
3. Eliminate bounced check bank fees.
4. No limit on number of checks.
5. Eliminate high cost of guarantee services.
6. No long term contract to sign.

Check Recovery is a Win-Win situation.

Now is the time to start putting technology to work for you. Your customer does not have to:

Bring you a money order or cashier’s check.
Receive a threatening collection letter.
Answer an uncomfortable phone call.
Go through the embarrassment.

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