Credit/Debit Card Equipment


A variety of card processing terminals are available to match the specific needs of any type of business. Most terminals have multiple features that allow for a diverse assortment of payment options.

Our credit, debit, and smart card products are renowned for their fast, efficient performance, capturing payment information at the period of sale and quickly transferring it from the merchant center to the payment network for approval. You can choose among countertop, integrated, and stand-alone payment terminal models—each offering support for a variety of payment options to fit into specific merchant environments.

Smart Card Enabled Terminals:

Not since debit cards were introduced in the 1980’s has a card technology created so much potential for change. Smart cards carry an embedded micro-processor which allows the cards to securely store as much as 500 times more information than traditional magnetic-stripe cards. Smart cards allow businesses, schools, and organizations to offer much more than simple payment processing.

Portable Payment Systems:

These secure wireless devices utilize a company’s local wi-fi network or the nationwide cellular phone infrastructure to open up credit card processing to new possibilities.

Multi-lane Payment Terminals:

Speed and flexibility for larger retailers and grocery stores require terminals which will process debit cards, smart cards, gift cards, as well as standard credit cards. To speed processing these terminals can tie directly into cash registers in order to avoid double entry of amount details.

Omni 3750Omni 3750

Compact size
Internal PIN pad
Smart Card Enabled

The Omni 3750 terminal puts unprecedented power, performance, and flexibility into the palm of your hand. It offers a user-friendly, ATM style interface, large display, printing capabilities and an integrated PIN pad in a compact, “hand-over” design.

The Omni 3750 offers a complete package for processing debit, credit, check authorizations and EBT transactions plus full EMV smart card capabilities.

Nurit 8000Nurit 8000

Palm held— take anywhere
Wireless technology— keeps you mobile
Built-in PIN pad

The Nurit 8000 is the smallest full-featured hand-held terminal available today. Wireless technology keeps you mobile but always connected. A backlit keyboard and large graphical backlit display are easy to read in the dark, and an optional intuitive touch screen interface makes learning and operating easy.

Customer-activated operation means consumers hang onto their cards. The Nurit 8000 features a built-in PIN pad and optional smart card reader to protect both you and your customers. It can handle multiple payment types: credit, debit, T&E, EBT, check verification, guarantee and truncation, pre-paid cards, loyalty/gift cards, smart cards and proprietary cards.

PIN PadsPIN Pads

Works with all available terminals
5 – 15 foot extension cords
Easy for customers to use

Small hand-held PIN Pads allow protected debit/credit and smart card transactions. Our PIN Pads can interconnect with any point-of-sale (POS) terminal. These rugged and reliable PIN Pads accept personal identification numbers (PINs) while encrypting these numbers for security purposes.

Countertop Payment Systems:

Perfect for retail point of sale purchases. These versatile machines can also be used for internet and mail order companies by utilizing the built in keypad for entering account numbers.

Omni 3200Omni 3200

Free installation
Competitive purchase pricing
Leasing options available

The Omni 3200 features SoftPay software, a modular application that supports credit, debit, EBT, and check transactions in any POS environment, and allows for easy migration of existing software. An integrated thermal printer with built-in paper cover virtually eliminates paper jams, reducing maintenance costs. Two telco ports make a second phone line unnecessary. Flash memory enables remote downloading of the latest operating systems and enhancements, helping to protect your investment over time.

The Omni 3200 also comes with a triple-track card reader for capturing driver’s license data, which may be required for certain check-processing and EBT programs.

Hypercom T7PlusHypercom T7Plus

One-touch function for a wide range of transaction types
Supports longer paper rolls
Fast printing

The T7Plus features the completely new SureLoad™ printer with significantly faster receipts delivery. It allows paper rolls to simply be dropped in place without feeding through slots and rollers and supports longer paper rolls at the request of the merchant community. The T7Plus uses thermal paper and silently prints graphic logos directly on receipts, Its quiet operation is welcomed by both merchants and customers. An external PIN pad can be attached where required. Support for new smart cards and EMV-compliant software are both available, along with improved peripheral connectivity. Secondary power supplies are often no longer needed.

The 35-key keyboard allows one-step initiation of all daily functions and transaction types. Full compatibility with previous T7 software reduces certification requirements and training issues. The T7Plus delivers a powerful feature set in an attractive, compact design. It offers low overall cost of ownership thanks to its high reliability, communications capabilities, easy operation and advanced remote software management. The T7Plus is a safe choice for merchants wanting a new credit/debit card POS terminal.

Nurit 2085Nurit 2085

Simple, menu driven interface
Large, two-line display
Allows customized reports

The Nurit 2085 offers a sleek, ergonomic, compact design that won’t clutter your counter space. The simple, menu-driven interface is fully integrated with the keyboard, eliminating the need for complicated keypad overlays and templates. Programmable LCD softkeys and hot keys provide one-touch access to customizable functions and business-specific applications.

For enhances readability, the Nurit 2085 features a large, 2 line x 16 character backlit display. A wide variety of customizable transaction reports provides you with a helpful as well as cost saving accounting and business management tool. The 2985 can handle multiple payment types: credit, debit, cash, T&E, EBT, check verification, guarantee and truncation, pre-paid cards, loyalty/gift cards, smart cards and proprietary cards.

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