ATM Processing & Equipment


Today, retail ATMs are used for more than simply dispensing cash. They are a ready convenience for your customers and a source of revenue for you. With an ATM on your premises, you will see an increase in foot traffic and transaction volume. The built-in signage creates high visibility for you ATM encouraging repeat usage by your customers.

24-Hour Remote ATM Monitoring:

Remote ATM monitoring 7-days-a-week, 24-hours a day for continuous security.

Online Reporting:

View transaction and status reports from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

ADA Compliance:

All of our ATM equipment options comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Customer information within each ATM is processed with secure triple DES-encryption. Standard private audio transactions are also supported.


The cashless ATM allows merchants to reap the benefits of an on-site ATM in their business without the cost of a cash dispensing machine. Cashless ATMThe program is ideal for businesses in the fast food, convenience, and entertainment industries.

The units are placed in your place of business at no cost to you. All costs of implementation and deployment including equipment costs, application fees, download fees, installation cost, and transaction fees. A surcharge is paid by the customer for the use of the machine and a portion of the surcharge is shared with the merchant.


We offer modern, reliable, and durable ATM solutions to fit any environment.

Free installation
Competitive purchase pricing
Leasing options available

Triton 9700

Built for high volume locations
Holds 2000 bills
Full range of options for dispensing (cash, stamps, etc)

Triton 9100

Best low cost ATM in the Industry
Holds 800 bills
Modern Attractive Design

Triton ATMs


Tranax Mini-Bank 1500

Excellent display screen
265 lbs
Full range of options for dispensing

Tranax Nano Cash

Smallest full function ATM in the Industry
Insert through the wall or on a pedestal
Wide range of options

Tranax ATMs

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