Converting a paper check to an electronic check is a process called truncation. It allows merchants to check for available funds, place“ soft” or “hard” holds on funds (like a debit card) or even receive quicker access to funds. Truncation is gaining acceptance as a preferred method for processing retail checks.

Check Conversion Options

Guarantee Electronic Check Service
Electronic Check Verification with Collections
Electronic Check Verification with Net Check Tools

Check Conversion Features

Seamless Process at Point of Sale:
1. Customer presents personal check.
2. Clerk keys the dollar amount and swipes check.
3. Upon approval, customer signs sales draft authorizing electronic funds transfer.
4. Clerk voids check and returns to customer.
5. Electronic check is deposited at the end of day with credit and debit card transactions.

Check Conversion Benefits

Speed Access to Funds:
Checks are electronically converted.
Funds are available within two business days.
There is no waiting to take the deposits to the bank or for checks to clear.
Eliminate the hassle of recording paper checks and making manual deposits.


We offer industry leading check conversion readers with full support.



The EC6000i from RDM is a cost effective feature rich imaging solution for Electronic Check Conversion.

The EC6000i is ideal for:
Point-of-Purchase (POP)
Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC)
Represented Check (RCK)

The EC6000i series provides connectivity to the most popular POS terminals, a footprint designed to maximize counter space, and an impressive array of optional features to accommodate any environment or application. Superior MICR read accuracy, crisp clear images, MICR and bi-directional document drive are standard features on the EC6000i.

In addition to the standard features, the EC6000i also offers a wide variety of optional features such as Franking Acknowledgment and OCR MICR assist. When the automated franking acknowledgment option is selected the EC6000i will print a fixed text message on the front face of the check. The EC6000i franking acknowledgment printer facilitates the requirement for check defacement in one simple process increasing efficiency, which is vital in the POP environment.

Under application control the bi-directional document drive in the EC6000i provides visual confirmation of the approval disposition of the check. If the transaction is denied the check will be returned to the user “face up” from the entry slot vs. “face down” from the exit slot. In addition to our industry leading ‘single pass’ MICR Method the EC6000i can be equipped with OCR MICR assist for maximum recognition, performance and accuracy. OCR MICR assist optically reads the MICR line and improving EC6000i’s read rate to virtually 100%.

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